The digital world should not only be capitalized to deliver your messages, but those messages should be delivered with style

Design Philosophy

Depth Creations is our design philosophy that embodies our approach towards designing your website. 'Depth' brings the existence of a 3-dimensional model in each of our production. We believe the 2-dimensional design, which only contains the creative and programming know-how in developing a website, is insufficient in the dynamic World Wide Web nowadays. Thus, we embodied another dimension, the marketing, in our web development process. The combination of creative, programming and marketing inputs in every project will produce a more effective website for you.

Creative Inputs

Creative inputs are responsible in producing the visual attractiveness of your website. It combines colors, shapes, layouts and artistic flows which generate the charm of your website, so that your web visitor will be positively drawn towards the content of your website.

Creative elements should not overshadow your content. It should complement it, making your content more reader-friendly, assisting your web visitor in identifying the focus of your message instead of distracting them from it.

So, what is the best creative approach? People are starting to prefer minimalism, where clean and simple presentation is used compared to complicated and flamboyant style. We prefer customization: there is no single best approach in creative design. It depends a lot on the type of website you need, your website objective, your target audience and your nature of business. Whether it's for entertainment, product selling or professional corporate website, we have a customized creative approach to fulfill your best desire.

Programming Inputs

Web users do not like to wait long for page downloads, nor the annoying multiple browser windows to open just to go through a website. We address the problem by simplifying your website user interface, applying code optimization, so that they are not lost, confused or annoyed by the complexity of your website.

Apart from that, we capitalize our programming inputs to enrich your web visitors' experience through interactivity. As we believe your website is your communication tool with your visitor, we deem information should flow both ways- continuously. So that your website can virtually represent you on the World Wide Web, not replace you.

Marketing Inputs

We see our marketing inputs beyond website promotion. Your website is just your vehicle to carry your message (in your content) - which is the main reason you are interested on the web. Having aggressively attracted web visitors to your website alone is no success if you cannot convey your message to them. If you are selling something on your website, traffic does not produce profit without sales conversion

Your website is like an advertisement. You have the message and the background. Using our marketing inputs, we will help you in combining those 2 elements so that your message is effectively delivered to your visitor- in the shortest time possible. We identify your objective and design your website to achieve that- through effective and powerful content, centering on your message focus, complementing layouts, suitable color themes and grabbing attention where it matters most.

Having an effective website, then we can promote your website to the web users using various page optimization technique and on-line marketing initiatives. It's a two-pronged attack: promoting your website that promotes your message.

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