Happy 10.10.10 !

I want to backtrack a bit from my last blog post and wish you all a happy 10.10.10 ! Just another random reason to celebrate!

But for us, not so random. We’re glad to be given the chance to help Sheikh Haikel, The Godfather of Singapore’s Hip hop, also the founder of Soul Theory Studios on his album launching { 10.10.10 }. Download the album here. It’s dope! (The hiphop in me almost exploded)

Singapore’s single - Still Steady, Sheikh Haikel
<a href="http://music.sheikhhaikel.com/track/still-steady">Still Steady by Sheikh Haikel</a>

Sheikh Haikel Launching at Zouk

About Sheikh Haikel

Since winning Asia Bagus in 1991, Sheikh Haikel has become a formidable force in the entertainment industry across Asia. He is an accomplished Performing Artiste in both the music and acting arenas. His excellent comic talent was first seen on the big screens with his first movie, a local hit entitled, ‘Army Daze’. He then did his next movie, ‘City Sharks’ which was a production of joint collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia.

He continued to entertain Singaporeans in various hit TV sitcoms and performed challenging roles on stage with acclaimed stage productions. He has also become a sought after Host in countless major events including Singapore National Day Parades , opening of The Esplanade , Scape* , the closing ceremony of the world’s first Youth Olympic Games 2010 , Mosaic Music Festivals and many more . He also hosted one of ESPN’s most highly rated broadcast show, Football Crazy and was a radio DJ with Singapore’s station 98.7FM and 91.3FM.
Currently he is a host on Okto’s number 1 show, Knockout .

However, he is most affectionately known as Singapore’s Godfather of Hip Hop with his two albums entitled, “For Sure” and “For Sure Too” which led him to win Best Local English Song at the Compass Awards in 2002 and 2004 for the hit Single, “Witulah”.

He has organized, hosted and performed in numerous Hip Hop Festivals starting from the birth of Singapore’s first Hip Hop Festival entitled, ‘Rhythm and Poetry’ in the year 1999 to the countless of concerts and TV programmes today.

He then set up The Triqnaqi - an Academy of Hip Hop and street cultures to educate and especially create a culture with local identity, character and flavor. With great passion, Sheikh Haikel has been vital to the journey and growth of Hip Hop in Singapore culminating to its success today.

Sheikh Haikel has a BA in Drama from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), he has become a Creative Director for The Youth Empire, NTUC Club (NEBO-a youth development outfit) and is a Founder of The Triqnaqi- a Performing and Urban Arts Academy.

His current project is to create Singapore’s first ever Hip Hop hub - Soul Theory Studios.

Above all, he is a husband and a Big Papa to two beautiful children.


Holla 2011.

Well, that’s kinda early for a new year wish. Super. Just take this as a preemptive blog post, just in case, the next update will only come in sometime mid next year ;) . This blog has been pretty quiet lately. And no, we have not been thrown under the bus. Quite the contrary, we actually have been badly steamrolled, fortunately by projects.

Here’s a quick pictorial updates on what’s been going on, partially.

Majlis Agama Islam Johor - Darul Ukhuwah

Bedsty Online - Music. Parties. Design.

Adorable Muslimah eCommerce - Style. Chic. Modest.

em.po.ri.um Singapore - Upscale Dining in an Inspired Setting

em.po.ri.um Singapore - Restaurant Photoshoot

Maxiplan Technology - Financial Performance Solution

Yeah, we wish.


Bedsty Online going live soon!


Check this space.

*Image by thaArtist from thaArtist


Part time help needed (Zombie cropper)


Another job opportunity disguising as an update.

We’re looking for a

1. Zombie (part-time)

  • suitable for student who wants to make quick extra bucks
  • Preferably female since you will be working with our female client
  • Have knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, or will be able to learn one quickly.
  • Have own computer/laptop/internet access
  • The closer you are to the PJ area, the better
  • Can work at client’s place or your own, but have to be able to travel to client’s place for assignment pickup

Your job is simple. Twice a month, you will be given batch of raw product photos for you to crop into 3 different sizes (this will be automated, but somebody still has to press the button) and upload it onto a web server. You will have to categorize the products and write short description for the products (will be given).

Prior knowledge of photoshop is not necessary as you will be thought how to use it. Just have your mind ready. How hard it’s gonna be to crop a photo, right? ;)

Oh, and special note from the client, those without that entrepreneurial streak is preferred. She don’t want people to be stealing trade secrets =)

If interested can email hello[at]digitalgaia.com , or reply to this post, or contact me directly.

I guess i better do a real update soon before this blog is turned into a job board.


We’re hiring talents / freelancers!

In order to keep up with our increasing number of projects, we’re looking for few talents (below) to work with us per project basis. If we get along well, who knows, you might end up into our core team members :

1. Programmer(s) (PHP)

  • Fluent in PHP. Duh.
  • Creative and independent.
  • Genius is an added advantage.

You will work with range of projects from a simple 1 day job to big, complicated, heart wrenching, skull breaking full scale web apps projects (both internal and external) that we have on queue over here.

2. Front End Programmer(s)

  • Creative
  • Fluent in HTML / CSS / Javascript / AJAX
  • Knowledge in Wordpress/Joomla is an added advantage.
  • Able to work efficiently like a machine/beast. Seriously.

You will be responsible in turning beautiful .PSD into a workable, valid CSS/HTML/AJAX live code

3. Cheerleaders
Are most welcome.

Please send your full CV to hello[at]digitalgaia.com together with active links to your previous projects if applicable.


Digital Gaia commence work on AdorableMuslimah.com

We has started working on Adorablemuslimah.com . Adorable Muslimah is an online boutique especially created to aspire great fashion ideas for bright intelligent muslimah everywhere around the world.

Their current blogshop can be found at adorablemuslimah.blogspot.com


Pikom PC Fair 2009

PC fair babes

PC fair babes  PC fair babes

A slightly larger resolution can be seen on our Flickr page

Pikom PC Fair 2009 ended yesterday. The crowd was heavy like last year. (Recession? What recession?). Above were the only photos i snapped during the event.

Meizu miniplayer

I bought a MeiZU miniplayer. I chose this one over the new Creative mp4 player due to its sleek design, and usability. It’s very slim, light-weight and doesn’t have any ugly buttons on it. You just need to slide your finger on the pad to increase the volume or change the song. Almost ipod-like. It came with a 1-year warranty. The salesman claimed that a 2-hours fully charged battery can last up to 24 hours. I have yet to test it. Maybe tomorrow, and we’ll see if there’s any truth to that. But i can’t deny, this thing really looks good =)


Awesome !

What so awesome about these ‘photos’ you might asked.

These are actually paintings (yes.. PAINTINGS) by Robert Bernardi. Insane! See more at his website


Happy Chinese New Year 2009 ~!

Wishing all of you a very prosperous Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays ~!

Chinese New Year


The Rights Privilege Berhad launches virtual hypermarket

Digital Gaia has successfully helped The Rights Privilege Berhad to launch a virtual hypermarket - Rightshoppe, to complement its offline shop under the GENOME-X re-branding program. Suppliers that listed their products on this site will also have their products sold offline in Rightshoppe’s offline chains all over the country.


About Rightshoppe
Rightshoppe is a businesses rebranding exercise under the GENOME X program launched officially by Ybhg Dato’ Musa Muhammad, Chief Secretary of MeCD.


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