Pikom PC Fair 2009

PC fair babes

PC fair babes  PC fair babes

A slightly larger resolution can be seen on our Flickr page

Pikom PC Fair 2009 ended yesterday. The crowd was heavy like last year. (Recession? What recession?). Above were the only photos i snapped during the event.

Meizu miniplayer

I bought a MeiZU miniplayer. I chose this one over the new Creative mp4 player due to its sleek design, and usability. It’s very slim, light-weight and doesn’t have any ugly buttons on it. You just need to slide your finger on the pad to increase the volume or change the song. Almost ipod-like. It came with a 1-year warranty. The salesman claimed that a 2-hours fully charged battery can last up to 24 hours. I have yet to test it. Maybe tomorrow, and we’ll see if there’s any truth to that. But i can’t deny, this thing really looks good =)


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