About Digital Gaia

Digital Gaia Solutions (DGS) was founded in 2007. We are a small creative internet solution agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Formerly known as NodeSeven Design, DGS aims to boost the competitiveness of its partners by providing assistance in order for them to better leverage on the opportunity of the World Wide Web.

About this blog

The Digital Gaia Weblog serves as a sharing point where valuable insights on web development will be highlighted.

The topics will cover various dimension on web development including the aesthetic design, coding and programming, web marketing, and the news regarding Digital Gaia Solutions.

About the team


LuqmanHe’s the “Chief-Web-Mojo” of DGS, and read codes like newspapers. He’s very particular about the world wide web mojo, which he later translates into workable, comprehendible solutions in web-design architecture (thank god). When he’s not mingling with codes, Luqman browse around for entrepreneurship inspirations.

He was one of the cofounders of a Malaysian web based chat network - myenetwork.net


He draws pictures using the mouse, and color them up using the tablet. But when it comes to web-designing, all he needs is the reliable CS3 and some privacy (and of course the mouse). He creates a shiny button faster than we blink. He loves Deviant Art so much that he had to clear his cache on a daily basis- or he’ll run out of space.


He stalks around the blogosphere and social-networking websites looking for web 2.0 trends. His love for his keyboard resulted in a passion to write. Izzat likes to test-drive the internet, and is not a programmer nor designer. And he likes it that way. “Most of our clients are not one too, so at least what I say can make sense” he said, preparing for a backlash by his teammates.