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We’re hiring talents / freelancers!

In order to keep up with our increasing number of projects, we’re looking for few talents (below) to work with us per project basis. If we get along well, who knows, you might end up into our core team members :

1. Programmer(s) (PHP)

  • Fluent in PHP. Duh.
  • Creative and independent.
  • Genius is an added advantage.

You will work with range of projects from a simple 1 day job to big, complicated, heart wrenching, skull breaking full scale web apps projects (both internal and external) that we have on queue over here.

2. Front End Programmer(s)

  • Creative
  • Fluent in HTML / CSS / Javascript / AJAX
  • Knowledge in Wordpress/Joomla is an added advantage.
  • Able to work efficiently like a machine/beast. Seriously.

You will be responsible in turning beautiful .PSD into a workable, valid CSS/HTML/AJAX live code

3. Cheerleaders
Are most welcome.

Please send your full CV to hello[at] together with active links to your previous projects if applicable.


Digital Gaia commence work on

We has started working on . Adorable Muslimah is an online boutique especially created to aspire great fashion ideas for bright intelligent muslimah everywhere around the world.

Their current blogshop can be found at


Microsoft’s reply to Mac vs PC ad

Microsoft just released this 3 new ads as a counter reply to Apple’s Mac vs PC ads. It pokes fun at the whole Mac vs PC stereotype.

Personallly, i think these are brilliantly done. (Scroll down for links to youtube version)

And oh, it’s silverlight =)

Youtube versions:
I’m a PC 1
I’m a PC 2
I’m a PC 3


Your client’s projects as lab mice

There has been lack of updates for this blog. My last blog post was on April 17 , which actually a repost of Izzat’s earlier entry, so that doesnt really counts. We (myself particularly) have been very busy with our side-project-turned-main-project : - a web 2.0 social video / streaming project, which aims at redefining how social networking works (uhuh)  but in itself is not a social network (i know.. i know). More on this later.

As a web company, experimenting new technologies and new kind of developments / projects is vital to the growth and health of your company (or yourself if you’re a freelancer). If you’re a webdesign/dev company, yes no doubt you’ll get better and perhaps will reach the  ub3r l33t status at something when you keep doing the same thing, but routine works wont help us grow that much. A company needs to get out of its comfort zone in order to grow. Those warm and fuzzy  feeling won’t get us anywhere. Sometimes we’re afraid to step out of the ‘know’ into the ‘unknown’  just because we’re afraid that we’re not well equipped for what’s coming. There’s a reward in every risk taken. If all babies are afraid to take those baby steps , none of us will be walking today.

Personally, i am more lean towards a radically different concept for each project. However, this approach might not be suitable for every clients.

Now, a somewhat related question : what if you get a chance to do a project with a huge room for experimentation but w/ a very small budget. Do you go for it or will just let it slip?


Have A Great Intranet Without The Price For Your Company

Having an internal networking system (intranet) is a great tool to boost internal collaboration between employees. But as many company realizes, these systems cost a dime to implement. Thus it is only limited to big companies with IT budget reaching 7 figures.

Open Source CMS

Well, there is a good way to acheive the same result withut costing your arms and legs. Open-source Content Management Systems, or open-source CMS for short, is a powerful tool that can act as a collaboration platform for your company’s need.

And we highly recommend companies, especially those small to medium SMEs with offices geographically scattered, to implement one.

Here’s why CMS is an all-around solutions for your company:

  1. You can have it as your official website. You can easily update the content of your website without any programming knowledge. You can even alter a whole lot of features for your website, like page structure or navigational menu. These actions are no longer limited to web developer- now you can have the power in your hands.
  2. It can function as a membership-based website, with different Access Control Level (ACL). With this membership features, you can set the access level and privileges your registered user can have. Hide sections and pages according to your user- different level of employees, vendors, customers etc..
  3. It can perform as a dynamic communication channel. Forum scripts, for example, is a great way to encourage internal discussions which can include image and files attachment. Therefore related documents can always be downloaded where the action happening.
  4. It has member profile system, where each user can have their own page where information about them can be displayed. Turn these pages into your employees details page, where when combined with the search function, it is a powerful employee directory for internal use.
  5. It can be cheap. There’s so many open-source CMS available today that gives more and more ability for smaller companies to leverage this powerful tool. We’ll cover some of the best in future postings, but overall, these open-source CMS is a viable alternative for companies to implement their internal networking capability without the 7-digit budget.

The only drawback of using this cheaper alternative for internal networking is you have to host the system on the world wide web, exposing your system to

  1. bigger security threat
  2. capped bandwith usage
  3. volatility of your ISP’s internet connection

But it’s still a useful system for SMEs that can be achieve using tremendously lesser budget. How low is low you might ask…Well, if you have an IT exec who knows some bits of web development, you can have your own all-rounder intranet system for free! That is if you don’t mind the bland default look of course :)