What makes an entrepreneur

0admin2nd Feb 2010serious business

This is an interesting series from Mark Suster, who was an entrepreneur and now a VC.

1. Tenacity
2. Street Smarts
3. Ability to Pivot
4. Resiliency
5. Inspiration
6. Perspiration
7. Appetite for risk
8. Detail orientation

And i would like to add another, which is : Passion.

On a second thought, passion trumps all of these. If you have passion in what you do, everything else is secondary, and all of the things listed here will come naturally.

If you are passionate, throw in any monsters in front, and it’ll be David vs Goliath. Passion gets you through hardship without you realize it’s being a hardship. It lets you fluidly move through obstacles.

Be passionate in what you do, everything else will be taken care of.

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