Creative Solution

Apart from our internet application services, we also provide related off-line services for your corporate needs. By leveraging on our creative, programming and marketing inputs, we can enhance the presentation of your company outside the World Wide Web through various services.

Corporate Branding

If you're looking to succeed in your industry for the long run, you have a better chance doing it by having a strong branding. Why? Because brand equity matters. The brand equity is the measurement of how well your corporate brand name is associated by the consumers. Having strong brand equity will definitely put you in a better position to enhance your market share as it signifies your brand preferences in the eye of the consumers.

Learn how we can tackle the brand equity paradigm to your company's advantage by having an integrated marketing communication for you. Enhance your corporate image using a revised corporate identity, improved logo, enhanced visual theme and even a new vision and mission statements.

We will work closely with you to identify your business life cycle, your industry, your competitor, your core competency, your corporate value and your service philosophy and translates them into a single, integrated and powerful brand. Discover how our Depth Creations initiative can propel your business upwards in your industry.

Print Design and Illustration

We can also design the copy for your print materials, whatever your needs are. Be they for your annual report, seminar posters, product packaging and even your print advertisement copy, using our creative and marketing inputs, we can combine both the design and message to produce a powerful and effective presentation.


We can be your photographer for your event. Be it your corporate annual dinner, a rock gig, or the D-day (your wedding day of course)

Our photographer is equipped with the industry-standard Digital Single Lenses Reflects (SLR) camera to ensure the best picture quality for your website. If you have your own picture, we can repair, manipulate and enhance the quality for your professional web presentations.

Flash Animation

Increase the attractiveness and the visual appeal of your website by using Flash application. Flash is a dynamic visual presentations application that can provide greater flexibility in animation and interactivity. We can help you in designing your flash animation for various purposes, including your on-line advertisement, features presentation, selected website components and even your whole website.

Flash animation will provide you with more excitement factors, and can assist your web user in navigating your website. We will advise you on the right design and the correct implementation, so that the flash animation will enhance your message, not outshine it!

Digital Catalogue

Why bother having to forecast your printing budgets, calculate when to re-print your brochures, entertain not-so-serious phone enquiry and wasting precious time for presentations- when you can eliminate the hassle and save the forest in the same time?

Transfer all your product information on-line, where you can present your company's offerings to anytime, anyone, anywhere, and to an unlimited people without costing you more. We can present your product or services line-ups digitally to be attached with your website or to be presented in CD-ROM.

We can even develop your product pictures if you do not have one. Our interactive digital catalogue will provide all the necessary information to your prospects- so that only serious enquiries are made to you. It will also boost their purchasing experience through interactive multimedia, which is not possible in human interaction. Discover how digital catalogue can both reduce your operating cost and increase your sales probability.

Copy Writing

In tandem with the web design, you should have an effective content- which is the actual message you are delivering to the World Wide Web. Where the web design is the rhythm, your web content is the lyric, existing together to form an influential song, which is your website. Conflicting design and content direction will produce a flawed music to your web users, which translates to a poor web presentation. We can work with you simultaneously in the designing stage to produce the content of your website including the textual content, pictures and animation. This will ensure your website will be both beautiful and effective.

Copy-writing is a process where your desired message is transformed into text to be placed on your website. No longer a simple copy-and-paste process, our copy-writer will evaluate your desired website objective and form an appropriate wording so that your messages can be delivered with the best clarity using the least space.

Whether you want to sell products, build your brand image or even optimize your content for search engine popularity, we can customize your web copy for any needs.

Web Translations

The World Wide Web is a place for a world wide languages. You can have a global appeal by using the English language or a localized content using the Bahasa Malaysia. Or, you can have both.

Our copy-writer will translate your website to either one, where our vast experience in both languages will ensure the precise conversion and grammatical error-free so that your web visitor is not lost in translations!

ICT Project Management

If you have any small to medium size ICT project to implement, we can provide our programming know-how to ensure your desired objective is achieved using the most efficient and feasible method available. After all, ICT is all about being cost effective, not cost-punitive.

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