Web Solutions

The first step for your World Wide Web endeavor is the design stage. Here, we will assist you in identifying your needs for a website, and suggest what is the best design structure and the design theme for your proposed website. From here, we will draft the design direction and appropriate programming structure to create the desired form and functionality of your proposed website.

Web Design

At Digital Gaia Solutions, we believe beauty comprehend functionality. We stretched our creative imaginations to challenge the artistic boundary, so that you can have a beautiful website that supports your messages- not overshadows them.

We take web designing very seriously, so rest assured we will ensure the best design approach suitable for whatever your website objective is. No pre-designed templates will be used to ensure your website is unique and can suite whatever your desire is. Whether a simple static HTML website or a dynamic and vivid Flash-based website, we are committed to design the best website for you.

Web Application Programming

Beneath a visual web design, there are invisible web application programming structures in order to produce a design-functional and navigational-friendly website. We have the know-how of various powerful web application programming technologies that can be leveraged to your business advantages.

These applications are pertinent to ensure your website is easy to maintain and navigate, while maintaining the complexity level for web users to the minimum. Learn how Digital Gaia Solution's web application programming can boost the presentation of your website.

Examples projects we have completed and currently undertaking:

  • Facebook Applications
  • Facebook Graph Apps / API intergration
  • Social Graph API intergration
  • Wordpress Theming
  • Wordpress Custom Plugins
  • Online Multiplayer Flash turn-based card games
  • Statistics Web Applications
  • Social web applications
  • Wordpress Plugins / Facebook Graph API / Google Analytics custom apps

E Commerce Component

As the World Wide Web is moving from a mere communication medium towards a selling medium, we are committed in helping you to use the internet as a channel to sell your product to your customers. E-Tailing, as a short-form of internet retailing, is catching up in Malaysia with the advent of on-line banking and credit-card ownership. Join in the trend by selling your products on-line, by enhancing and simplifying your customers' purchasing experience using our E-Commerce applications such as virtual shopping cart, price denominator, on-line ordering form and virtual shop.

Web Strategy Consultation

If you're in need of information we also can advise you on how you can leverage on the internet popularity by strengthening your brand image, generate sales leads, boosting your customer loyalty or even reduce your operating cost! Learn how the World Wide Web is your enterprise-wide option.

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